The back bone of the trust Is formed by a small group of trustworthy, committed, diversified, very matured and God loving Individuals from the different walk of life, who think and act alike when It comes to the point of humanitarian task, Under the guidance and the forethought of selfless and pious spiritual leader, His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanaslous (The President of the Trust). His grace's leadership qualities like empowering the members of the trust,with responsibilities and ownership creates a sense of belonging to all the participants that Itself brings out remarkable outcome In the project for Its function, This may be a good example that others could follow In any public undertaking or establishments for their project's continued progress and Its functions for the future generations, "Santhula trust hospital Center" hopes to have that energy and charisma for Its growth and functions all the time In a continued basis, Thus the Trust hospital especially orchestrated to meet the needs of the many that requires constant care and support and rehabilitation services from one place, Hence the center could be called as 'one stop center' for all of the mental health needs, Further all the trustees Including the president pledge to serve the needy and the marginalized, thus we are committed to serve the humanity.


Santhula Trust Hospital envisions a world in which mental health is promoted by education, training, care and rehabilitation.


The mission of STH is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental disorders with vitality, excellence and determination paving the way for promotion, prevention, cure and rehabilitation.


Mental health is such a broad discipline; hence it is hard to put together a definition for it, however one could interpret as "the absence of mental illness" according to the American psychiatric association. Mental illness, the word itself is frightening and unwelcome in the Indian community in general. Hence the 'Denial' of such illness regardless of its type or condition persists in the different stratum of our society. The nature of the illness and how it is handled in the community in the past or the stigma attached with such illness could be one of the reasons for the denial. Whatever the case may be it is high time, the community should realize the seriousness of denying the mental status of an individual. The Mental health is vital, for an individual perhaps more emphasis need to be given as the physical health. When we commit ourselves as healthy individuals, the soundness of our mind has a vital role. The ability of understanding the true nature of self and ability to enjoy the life without harming others perhaps makes a person mentally sound.

Deprivation in many form and capacities exists in our societies such as caste, religion, socioeconomic status including poverty. Therefore even though the individual has a right to choose his own destiny in the life, there are limitations and practical difficulties bound by the individual's family the community and the society at large. The financial status of a family, coupled with their status in the community together with the so called family and personal prestige, they would like to maintain even prevent an individual from attaining his or her personal goal in life, Such an individual choose a career not for his personal satisfaction, but to please others in their family, or to satisfy their financial need or for self sustenance. Such individual's may lack self-esteem, emotional maturity and in general sound mental health regardless of the position they hold . Lack of available opportunities in the country for the individual's growth and potential also may be a deciding factor in this respect. Another reason for deprivation could be game playing for selfish reasons and motives. In fact this is a topic that needs to be discussed in length. People with poor self esteem and who belong to low socio-economic strata are the main culprits. They feel that they have nothing to lose. Hence whatever they gain will always be an advantage to them.

So to conclude –Human mind is indeed a great marvel. Its powers, composition, complexity, speed, dimensions, levels are all to a great extent, unfathomed mysteries. The first wonder about it is where it is seated. If you ask somebody where his mind is, he will tap his chest to answer that it is within. But if you look for, or even ransack the whole body, both inside and outside you will never find it.... It is not an organ like the heart or liver. It is a virtual screen on which the entire actions and reactions of our nervous system are pictured for us to perceive and perform. Mind is the total result of all the chemical, biological and electrical processes taking place in the brain. That is why if one’s brain is seriously injured, his mental abilities are often affected. Hence it is clear that the brain is the abode of mind. So which part of the body is to be treated when one’s mind is derailed or out of hinge? It is indeed the brain. And now there are as many good and effective medicines for mental disorders as there are medicines for the diseases affecting other parts of the body. Therefore if someone is mentally sick, don’t turn to black magic or exorcism; but take him to a good psychiatric hospital and get him cured. The earlier, the better. Treat mental illness; don’t try to beat it out.