The back bone of the trust Is formed by a small group of trustworthy, committed, diversified, very matured and God loving Individuals from the different walk of life, who think and act alike when It comes to the point of humanitarian task, Under the guidance and the forethought of selfless and pious spiritual leader, His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanaslous (The President of the Trust). His grace's leadership qualities like empowering the members of the trust,with responsibilities and ownership creates a sense of belonging to all the participants that Itself brings out remarkable outcome In the project for Its function, This may be a good example that others could follow In any public undertaking or establishments for their project's continued progress and Its functions for the future generations, "Santhula trust hospital Center" hopes to have that energy and charisma for Its growth and functions all the time In a continued basis, Thus the Trust hospital especially orchestrated to meet the needs of the many that requires constant care and support and rehabilitation services from one place, Hence the center could be called as 'one stop center' for all of the mental health needs, Further all the trustees Including the president pledge to serve the needy and the marginalized, thus we are committed to serve the humanity.


Santhula Trust Hospital envisions a world in which mental health is promoted by education, training, care and rehabilitation.


The mission of STH is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental disorders with vitality, excellence and determination paving the way for promotion, prevention, cure and rehabilitation.

Counselling Centre

Mental Health Hospital

Child & Adolescent Guidance Clinic

Marital Therapy Centre

Rehabilitation Unit

Geriatric Care Centre and 'Pakal Veedu'

De-Addiction Clinic with AA Groups

Available Clinical Training

  • Nursing
  • MSW
  • Psychology